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A swashbuckling adventure on the high seas!

Use your wits to defend the newly established colonies from radiing pirates and help build an island utopia. Comes with a free tower defense editor that allows you to create your own maps and towers with endless possibilites!

A fast-paced tower defense game, where strategy matters. Build, evolve, upgrade and combine towers to defend your waters and defeat the pirates. Watch your economy, take risks when needed and place your towers strategically in order to attain the highest rank. Or you can always build your own maps, towers and graphics, using the free online editor and publishing your awesome work to every Pirate TD player in the world! You can also play other players' works just by going into the Custom Maps section, all works are automatically published to every player!

The free TD editor allows you to create a whole tower defense game on your own, with your own rules, your own maps, your own graphics and your own enemies. Ever wanted to create that perfect TD and let the world play? Now's your chance!

  • Action-filled tower defense game - Evolve, upgrade and combine towers to win!
  • Custom map player - Make your own maps or play other users' maps from all over the world!
  • Pirates on the loose - Help the colonists beat back the merciless pirates
  • A myriad of towers - Over 20 different towers to choose from and an endless array of strategic combinations!

Are you a defender or a builder, or maybe both?