Gamification of prosocial learning for increased youth inclusion and academic achievement.
ProsocialLearn, a 3-year (2015-2017) project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, will deliver a series of disruptive innovations for the production and distribution of prosocial digital games that engage children, as well as stimulate technology transfer from the games industry to the educational sector.
Redikod produces prototype games and leads the marketing and dissemination efforts.


A Novel Framework for Multi-Cloud Service Development, Orchestration, Deployment and Continuous Management Fostering Cloud Technologies Uptake from Digital SMEs and Startups.
UNICORN, a 3-year (2017-2019) project funded from the European Union Horizon 2020 programme brings together 11 leading European research/academic institutions, industries and SMEs in the field of cloud and software technologies.
Redikod produces a demonstrator game and does dissemination to the games industry.

General Avatars

Games implementations of middleware with advanced 3D avatar editor for user-created, user-owned content for general access on avatar server.

Recipe App

iOS and Android clients communicate with server database, retrieving updated index of changes and downloading content on user demand. Direct integration made with existing content management systems and e-commerce solution already in use.
Customer: ID Kommunikation for Dansukker

Medical tech app and database system

Clinical data is gathered on tablet device and uploaded to database for analysis. This neural issues diagnostic tool - as a service - includes billing solutions.
Customer: [Non-disclosure agreement applies]

Colorator 2.0

iOS, web, and Android apps allow end-user experimentation with hair colour and styling, based on photos of self or others.
Customer: Sweden Models Media for Jane Hellen MOOD/Hardford

E-learning software clients

HTML5 rewrite of legacy Flash client front-ends to database publishing system for langage education applications.
Customer: Educational Media Systems

Virtual exhibition tour

Advanced HTML5 web graphics and animations for website.
Customer: ID Kommunikation for ESS

Poker system development

A large Poker platform project had been written in pure C++ and cross-platform developed with a software renderer. We first added new features and platform support for iOS and OSX platforms and then were tasked with a large-scale effort to modernize the entire system with a hardware-based rendering solution for all three supported platforms.
Customer: [Non-disclosure agreement applies]

iPad Magazine Publishing System

A system for interactive publications, using the unique advantages of tablet devices for delivering optimized user experience for magazine format publications on tablet devices. From traditional magazines, to interactive text or graphical novels. Source data is bitmap graphics and raw text as well as existing pdf files. The app is for iPad, syncing periodically with publication servers as new content becomes available. All run by customer, no new app builds necessary.
Customer example: "Festligt" consumer publication, by ID Kommunikation for Dansukker

The Redikod Parking Garage

The Redikod Parking Garage is our iOS 3D Tech Demo, as a technical playground displaying the hardware-accelerated capabilities of the weakest mobile devices. Playing on the boundary of pushing the GPU and plain and simple cheating, the app creates a thriller-esque environment with baked lighting and displacement maps along with per-pixel shaded goodness of a few stand-alone objects.
Customer: [Redikod sales material]