A Gay Dragon

Play as adorable dragon Melwin in a fully-3D world with beautiful stylized graphics, as you look for the one. Unlock treasures, furniture and tiles for your Lair and freely dig, design and furnish the best Dragon's Lair. Published for iPhone and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Pirate Tower Defense

Use your wits to defend the newly established colonies from radiing pirates and help build an island utopia. Comes with a free tower defense editor that allows you to create your own maps and towers with endless possibilites, and even creating new themes, replacing all graphics. Published for Android.

Rune Run

Ragnarok is upon you, and you must use your rune-magic to summon and upgrade warriors in order to defend Asgard from the oncoming doom. Published for iPhone.


Bugoids:EXE is a fun action puzzler set in the imaginative world of the Bugoids nano-robots. With gameplay that calls for fast, but strategic, decisions and state-of-the-art, yet nostalgic, pixel art, it's a game that will capture the player on lunch break or for a whole weekend. With hardware accelerated 2D-graphics and exploiting programmable graphics hardware through vertex and pixel shaders, this game combines old-school isometric pixel art with pixel shaders to create a new, unique experience. Available for PC and iPad, not yet published.


ORDgo is a dazzling word puzzler in which you can challenge your friends to see whose vocabulary is the most proficient. Available for Facebook and as stand-alone web game.

Fame Rush

Fame Rush is a fast-paced endless runner, not only based on the Moviestarplanet universe, but as their very first 3D product. Available for Android and iPhone.