Ragnarok is upon you, and you must use your rune-magic to summon and upgrade warriors in order to defend Asgard from the oncoming doom.

A fast-paced strategy puzzler with defensive elements, set in the universe of norse mythology. You must tap and drag your way through various rune-spells and summon vikings.

Ancient magical weapons and armor are scattered here and there throughout the battlefield. By collecting them in certain combinations, you might unlock hidden powers, or even be granted the gods' favor. What kind of combinations that give upgrades is up to you to discover, but hear this; something amazing might happen if you collect 8 pieces of magical artifacts at once!

  • EPIC STRATEGY PUZZLER - help the gods survive Ragnarok!
  • HORRIFYING ENEMIES - fight the legendary Fenrir, terrible giants and Thor's bane Jörmungandr.
  • FANTASTIC UPGRADES - upgrade your vikings through ancient artifacts left by the gods!
  • STRATEGY OR FAST-PACED ACTION - you choose how to play; fast and furious, or slow and planning, both roads can lead to your survival.

Can you survive Ragnarok?